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Distributor alat cleaning service
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We are a company engaged in Sales, Service & Spare Parts Cleaning Equipment ( equipment cleaning) in West Java and Bekasi.
We provide products Cleaning Equipment ( equipment cleaning) the adequate and the best quality which can provide maximum benefits as well as having a more favorable economic life such as:

Our Equipment Cleaning Products, among others:
1. JANITORIAL, Hygiene Manual:
- Window Squeegee ( glass wiper)
- Telescopic poles
- Lobby duster ( dry mop)
- Wet Mop ( wet mop)
- Bucket Trolley ( peresan for wet mops)
- Dust Bin Trolley ( Trash)
- Janitor Cart
- Caution Board, etc..

2. Machinery ( MACHINE) , Equipment Cleaning Machine:
- Floor polisher Machine
- Industrial & Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
- Carpet Extractor
- Scrubber Machine
- High Pressure Water Cleaners
- Aerosol Dispenser ( Automatic Room fragrances) , etc..

3. CHEMICAL CLEAN, Liquid cleanser for the treatment of:
- Flooring: ceramic, marble, granite, traso, hard floor, vinnyl.
- Furniture & Metal / stainless,
- Glass
- Toilet bowl etc..

4. Service and Spare Parts: We provide service ( warranty) for all brands of Vacuum Cleaners ( Commercial and Industrial) , Floor polisher Machine, Scrubber, Sweeper etc.. Stock Ready To Spare Parts Spare parts and for certain Indent Stock adjusted for stock on the Vendor.

The Vendor of our products are Nilfisk-Advance, Nilfisk-Alto, Electrolux-Euroclean, Minuteman, Wirbel, Rotano, Ghibli, Floor Aspiros, Comac, Tomato, Jiffy, Spitwater, 3M, Watsco, NCL, etc..
For every purchase of our products Cleaning Equipment will provide product knowledge / training, so it is more durable and useful in actual usage.

Chemical Cleaning

Shampoo carpets, sofas, spring bed
Floor cleaner apple / lemon
Glass Cleaner
Shop Hand apple / lemon
Bowel cleaner.
Oil lobby
Wax strips
The crust-crust Powder Cleaner Black and Yellow Ceramic Surfaces
Heavy ceramic cleaning liquid
Red Pad
Pad chocolate
White Pad
Crystal marble imported ( teranova)
Imported yellow powder.

Javazindo ready to make a letter of support for tenders and other administrative documents for the purposes of cleaning equipment chemical cleaning TENDER us to create price lists and brochures cleaning equipment chemical cleaning for maximum anda.Dalam Tender keperluaan 2x24 hours ( except holidays) in Lampung, Palembang, Jakarta , Bekasi, Bogor, Padang, Bandung, Purwakarta, pesawaran district Lampung, Surabaya, Aceh, paddocks, Riau, Medan, Jambi, Bengkulu, Sumedang, solo, madison, bogor, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Bali, Cirebon, Ambon and other -Other

Major Products / Services

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